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Lynch Basement Framing & Cracks (3) Repaired

By Rick on May 22, 2017 in Basements

After removing the wrap insulation I discovered three cracks in the foundation that needed repair. This is also a very good time to see if the builders trades or any other trades who have drilled holes from outside have sealed the holes properly with silicone etc. You will get mice in your home if you do not fill these voids and you won’t see them until you remove the insulation in the header space or check outside. Everyone assumes that the person drilling into your home will seal the void but that is not the case more often then not. Unfortunately my client found out the hard way. The framing is well underway and I will be starting the bulkheads shortly. Here you can see the ductwork that was under the steel beam in the center of the room has been moved into a storage closet. It is impossible to go over the beam as we do in some cases as there was a double header in the way. All ductwork has been altered to provide the best finish possible.

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