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Rayner Basement Drywall Started

By Rick on July 31, 2017 in Basements

The drywall installation has begun. This basement has really poor access for drywall with a U shaped narrow staircase. Unfortunately all sheets had to be cut down to 16″ and 32″ pieces to match up to the framing. This makes for a lot of extra work cutting and bringing in the drywall vs. having a company deliver the drywall to the basement as I normally do.  There is a lot of extra work / time installing the drywall and then the taping is going to take longer as there are going to be many more butt joints. I can tell you this is the last basement for me with no drywall access. Most times I have been lucky enough to be able to cut the main floor and drop the drywall through to the basement if there is carpeting that can be rolled back. In this case the removal of the hardwood flooring was not an option or expense I wanted to take on. Builders should not be allowed to build houses that you cannot even get a piece of drywall down into the basement let alone trying to get furniture in. Ok that’s my rant for today lol :)

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