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MacTavish Basement

Date: March 19, 2017 Category:

The start of this basement involved moving several ducts both cold air and heat ducting. One of the main trunks for heating that ran underneath a steel beam making for very low head space was re-routed overtop of the steel beam which opened up the room amazingly as this is where the client wanted their pool table.

I removed all of the wrap insulation so that the framing could be placed closer to the outside walls and also spray insulation is superior in heating and cooling. Also you could see a lot of rust on the metal bands holding up the insulation where the cold air from outside and the warm air met causing condensation.

The basement is nice and bright as I installed the right amount of LED pot lights

The basement is nice and bright as I installed the right amount of LED pot lights

All the bulkheads are the same height when they connect with one another. I set up a spinning laser to make sure everything is plumb and level.

After many changes I was able to complete the rough in framing; rough in plumbing for the 2 piece washroom; and rough in electrical wiring. Once the spray foam insulation was complete I was able to get the drywall on and taped.

The plan was to have a wet bar on the outside wall (where there was no drainage) so the floor had to be broken up a lot more than usual. The main secondary bar was in front of the wet bar.

A feature wall that would house a 50” electric fireplace with a TV above was planned. The finish of the wall was changed from Lava stone to 12” x 24” tile that was butted together with no grout spacing. This takes longer to install then grouting tile.

The laminate on the floor is a German made product which emits less VOC’s then traditional Chinese supplied products.

The cabinets for the wet bar and island bar were sourced from Lowes using their Nimble collection. These cabinets have soft close drawers and doors and good hardware for the drawer slides. Using prefabricated cabinets saves a lot of money and look very good when finished. I also installed crown molding on the top of the two upper cabinets to dress them up. The upper cabinets have opaque glass with brushed aluminum trim.

The island bar and the wet bar both have white quartz tops. The island bar has a “waterfall” top that is very pricey for what you get. The company that measured and installed the top did a good job. The overhang at the back of the island bar allowed me to finish the unfinished portion of the backs of the cabinets with the same laminate that was on the floor installed horizontally to match the flooring. The base I built under the island bar raised the bar 8” to a finished total of 40”. This height was good with the bar stools.

The basement is nice and bright as I installed the right amount of LED pot lights. These pot lights will save on electricity.

At the base of the stairs there are two steel support posts and another two posts about 12’ away. I covered these posts with permabase cement board and then installed the small Lava stone strips on the posts. The finish is very nice but it does take a lot of time to install the singular pieces with so many cuts having four corners in such close proximity. The stone is challenging to install only in that you must constantly be monitoring the levelness as the stones are all slightly different in height and you can get in trouble with just a couple rows if you are not careful.

The 2 piece washroom has nice 12” x 24” porcelain floor tiles. The wall hung vanity with dark cabinetry flows nicely with the bar cabinets and has a white one piece sink matching the top of the bar cabinets. The 5 panel shaker doors with smooth finish are busy but this is the style the owner chose. I suggested we use opaque glass in the bathroom to dress up the room a bit which it did.

This will be a great area for kids and adults to congregate.