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Vanderheyden Basement

Date: October 5, 2015 Category:

This basement was well planned and laid out with a lot of input from the homeowners. They were very organized and detailed knowing exactly what they wanted and were able to articulate their wishes so the project proceeded smoothly. The basement has spray insulation to maximize the warmth and make it comfortable in the cooler weather. The laminate flooring is installed on DMX 1 step underlayment for maximum comfort .The basement area is well utilized and  includes a theatre area with acoustic spray in all the ceilings for sound dampening, recessed cabinets with a Napoleon gas horizontal fireplace with a slate feature wall surrounding the fireplace. The bar was custom built by AGGroup which included incorporating a steel post into the bar design, staining panels to match the cabinetry that we were able to purchase to reduce costs. The 3 bar tops are granite and match the top above the second electric fireplace built into the wall at the opposite end of the basement. I have installed LED lighting in all pot lights which greatly reduces power consumption. The bathroom is very large and boasts a wall to wall shower with a bench and built in shower niche finished with glass surround. I have installed Nu Heat heated floors which the owners love. The project was a success and the owners will get a lot of pleasure from their new space. It was a great working partnership to bring this basement to fruition.