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Whitehead Basement

Date: January 20, 2016 Category:

This basement started out with a full furnace move. The furnace was directly behind a wall at the base of the stairs which broke up two possible large rooms. The furnace was movWhitehead057_1024x681ed to a low bulkhead storage area under the stairs on the opposite side of the basement. This took out two areas where the ducting ran underneath the steel beam leaving minimal head room to walk around not to mention the unsightly bulkheads. The wet bar area was an unusable space between two steel support posts so the area was well utilized. The second larger bar area houses all the components for the theatre area. The cables were all dropped from the ceiling to save breaking up the floor for a long distance. I built a post around the cables and drilled through the Quartz countertop. The cabinets were purchased from Lowes with matching front gable piece which saved a lot of money. The natural stacking ledge stone matches the 100 sq. ft. wall behind the large television screen and also matches the amazing stone work on the main floor. The main area floor is a Shaw vinyl with a cork backing which will wear exceptionally well and is comfortable to walk on. The crown molding and decorative wall treatments add to the sophistication of this basement.

A beautiful 3 piece bathroom with 12” x 24” porcelain floor and shower wall tiles. The design is unique and both the floor and wall tile designs match. The shower is 7 feet wide and 48” deep which gives it a generous amount of space and has a large single piece of glass and no door. The bathroom is well appointed with the wall sconces and LED pot lighting. I have added a heat source with diffuser which will keep everything toasty. The toilet has its own space so you won’t feel cramped in this washroom.

Whitehead030_1024x681Here you can see that I have installed the stacking ledge stone on the 12’ long wall behind the large screen television to match the stone on the wet bar area. All the components are in the bar area so the television is left clean on this beautiful wall with only a sound bar added. After the crown molding was installed I installed wall and ceiling wood treatments to give the ceiling some definition as well as the dividing wall between the entertainment area and the bar area. The dividing wall housed 2 off setting steel posts on one end and a drain waste stack on the other end which dictated the width of this wall. The MDF panels really picked up this area. I did matching posts on the bar to bring the two rooms together.  This is a beautiful open basement which the owners will get a lot of enjoyment from.