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Skills and Experience

I have been doing basements and bathroom renovation for over 30 years. I have demolished many bathrooms and basements along the way and have first hand knowledge of areas that were neglected and required more attention to detail. I am a very detail oriented person and take extra care in making sure that your renovations are going to meet your current and long-term needs and not need to be replaced for many years.

AGGroup Inc.

The tag line “On the level contractor” represents the image and integrity of my company and its owner.

A lot of people ask me; how did you come up with the name; or what does AGGroup stand for? The Company name was created using my surname. The logo is derived as follows.  “A” is the first letter of the alphabet for search purposes. “G” for Goris; my surname and the second “G” is for Group.

Initially I contemplated on expanding the company, but after unsuccessful attempts at bringing in other trades who were as dedicated to the projects as I was, I decided to work on my own. This way I could concentrate on quality not quantity.

The hammer and roof are as follows: the hammer represents a connection with my late father who up until his death worked steadily for Jeffrey Homes as a well-known trim carpenter. His fortitude and ability with a hammer put a roof over 7 kid’s heads when we were all younger. I am fortunate to have picked up his work ethic.

I have always had a passion for working with my hands. I enjoy taking a blank canvas (empty basement or bathroom shell) and following the work through to completion. It gives me a great pleasure being able to bring your wishes to fruition.

I enjoyed being a Police Officer for 23 of the 25 years I worked as a police officer. However in 1999 before retiring I had a serious motorcycle accident. This accident gave me the opportunity to step back and assess my life and the decisions I had made and the direction I was heading. I decided the job had taken enough of my life and I was going to make a career change; one that I had wanted to do for a long time. I had always worked on the side in the construction trade but now it was to be full time. I wanted the opportunity to spend more quality time with my wife Francine and not worry so much about making a dollar.

In 2001 I retired and incorporated my company. I made sure I was fully insured to protect myself and you the homeowner.

I usually work on a time and material basis which I have found saves the homeowner the most money. If you feel more comfortable with a set quote I am more than happy to provide you with this method of estimate. If I can save you money and aggravation then I am happy to do so.

Give Rick at AGGroup Inc. a call today and let’s work together to complete your project in the most time and cost efficient manner we can.

AGGroup Inc. is located in Brooklin, Ontario just north of Whitby and east of Ajax.

Rick Goris

In late May of 1999 I was fortunate enough to purchase a 6 cylinder Valkyrie  motorcycle that was newly released. I had not seen the same bike on the road  until June 1st, 1999 when I met two young motorcycle riders, one of whom had  the same bike and color. We started chatting and they invited me to accompany  them to Lake George New York  where one of the world’s largest motorcycle rallies is held annually.   I picked up my bike June 2nd and on June 9th, 1999 we left for Lake George, New    York on our motorcycles. Unfortunately I crashed my  bike only 4 miles from Lake George. I was hurt  seriously severing my main artery in my arm among other injuries. Lucky for me  the two young fellows I met Brian Bourne and Derek Cullen were there to save my  life and get me the required medical attention I needed.

Along with their quick actions and the good surgeons, staff and therapists  I was able to make a full recovery and enjoy the life I have today. I want to  thank my family and friends for their support as well as my wife for being  there through thick and thin and not giving up on me.

I cannot speak highly enough about these two remarkable men and the debt I owe them. I am happy to say we have remained close and I consider them among my  best friends.

Thank you again Brian Bourne and Derek Cullen.

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